A Comprehensive Guide on How to Use Instander: Making the Most of Instagram

This is the an utimate guide on how to use Instander.

Hey there, Instagram enthusiast. We all love using Instagram, right? But what if I told you there’s a cool version of Instagram called Instander that makes the whole experience even better?

Worried if Instander is safe or not. Read our complete guide with my personal experience.

Using Instander is quite similar to using Instagram, with the added perks of unique features like ghost mode and developer mode that set it apart.

In this guide, we’ll explore Instander and learn how to use Instander like a pro.

Understanding How To Use Instander

Instander is like a fancy Instagram.

It has all the awesome features of Instagram but with some extra perks! You can customize the look, have better privacy settings, and even download stuff easily.

Plus, it works on your phone just like regular Instagram. You can get maximum output from the Instander App if you know How To Use Instander Properly.

Getting Started with Instander

Downloading and Installing Instander

  • First things first, let’s get Instander on your phone. Go to Instaapphub.com and download the Instander APK Latest Version.
  • Locate the APK file in your download folder and install it. Make sure installation from 3rd party is enabled in your mobile’s setting
  • Now once the app is installed on your Android phone you can enjoy the seamless experience of Instander App.

Setting Up Your Account and Profile

  • Open the app, and log in with your Instagram account, or you can also sign in to Instagram from the Instander App as well. You’re officially an Instander user now!
  • You can now like your friend’s posts, send them direct messages, and upload anything to your Instagram story with some additional options

Navigating the Instander Interface

  • The app will welcome you with a familiar Instagram vibe.
  • Explore and get used to the buttons, icons, and options. It’s pretty intuitive, so no worries!
  • The UI is very simple and identical to that of the Instagram app
Navigate Instander App latest version
Download Photos/Reels In Instander APK

Downloading an Image or Reel:

Want to save photos or videos from Instagram?

Instander allows you to do just that. Save your favorite stuff to enjoy later.

  • Tap on the three-dotted symbols, similar to Instagram’s 3-dotted symbol, to access options.
  • Look for the download choice and save the image or reel that you want.

Removing Ads on Instander:

  • Open Instander and navigate to the settings.
  • Tap on “Developer mode” and enable it.
  • Also, tap on “Get MobileConfig” and ensure it’s updated.
  • Wait briefly, and a message will appear indicating successful activation.
  • Press and hold the home button to enter developer mode.
  • Tap on the quick experiment.
  • Search for “use mobile.”
  • Disable the provided option.
  • Restart the app by removing it from the recent apps.

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Instander Developer Miode
Instander Ghost Mode

Ghost Mode in Instander Apk:

  • Navigate to app settings within Instander.
  • Tap on ghost mode and toggle on/off your intended privacy options like hiding your view from stories, disabling typing, and read status.

Quality Improvements

  • Instagram just like other social media platforms tends to compress your media files, affecting their quality upon upload.
  • Head to Instander settings and tap on Quality Improvements.
  • Choose the desired options to ensure your media is uploaded in high quality.
Instander Settings

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Sometimes things act a bit wonky.

If that happens, don’t worry! Close the app, restart your phone, and try again.

Usually, that fixes things up.

You can also read our comprehensive guide on How to Fix Common Instander Problems?.

And there you have it, young Instagrammers! Instander is a fun way to enjoy Instagram even more.

So, go ahead, download it, play around, and show off your newly pimped-up Instagram! Stay safe and have fun in the Insta world.

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