Instander 18.0 Release Date Announced for the Highly Anticipated Update

Instander creators have finally announced an official release date for the much-awaited update version Instander 18.0.

This major new release is set to launch in late January or early February 2024, coming nearly 10 months after the previous 17.2 version(Latest Version For Now).

As a popular modded Instagram client app, Instander users have been eagerly awaiting details on new features and improvements with this update. Keep reading to learn what the Instander team has in store for 18.0.

New Latest Features and Updates In Instander 18.0 Version

  1. Release Date & Availability
  • A final stable release is expected by February 2024
  • Currently in a beta testing stage
  • Will be available as an APK download from the Instander site
  • New Features to Get Excited About
  1. Rebased on the Latest Instagram Version
  • Takes advantage of all native Instagram feature updates
  • Includes new professional tools and analytics
  • Ensures full compatibility
  • Code Optimizations
  1. Enhances stability and reduces bugs
  • Lays the foundation for quicker feature expansion
  • Boosts overall performance
  1. New “Follow You” Button
  • Profile pages show if the user follows you back
  • One-click way to identify mutual followers
  1. Bug Fixes
  • Reduced app crashing issues
  • Other miscellaneous fixes noted

Since this is a beta version, there may be bugs, so please accept that and don’t complain. There will be a final version released soon (Jan-Feb 2024).

The Instander 18.0 upgrade brings some solid improvements in terms of features and functionality that fans are sure to appreciate.

With the release date drawing near, now is a great time for existing users to get caught up on what’s changing and for new users to consider giving Instander a try.

Visit Instander Latest Version Download to download the latest version when available or learn more. Excitement is already building in the Instander community – February can’t come soon enough!

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