Instander Clone vs. Unclone Versions ( Which One You Should Use)

Instander Clone or Instander Unclone, Which One To Choose.

If you’re a fan of Instagram, you probably love to explore new ways to make your Instagram experience even better.

Instander is like a special Instagram app with added features, giving you the power to personalize your Instagram journey.

But when you decide to download Instander, you might stumble upon two options: the “clone version” and the “unclone version.”

Let’s break down these options and help you decide which one is perfect for you!

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Instander Clone Version

Think of the Instander clone version as a twin brother to the original Instagram app. It’s like having two identical toys that do the same things but exist separately.

When you download and install the clone version, it’s like creating a twin of the original Instagram app on your phone.

This twin has its own space and is recognized by a different name:

Here’s the exciting part: you don’t have to remove the original Instagram app to use the Instander clone version.

It’s like having double the fun! You get to keep the original Instagram app and enjoy Instander side by side.

Advantages of Instander Clone Version:

  • No need to uninstall the original Instagram app.
  • Package Name:
  • Slightly fewer features compared to the unclone version.

Instander Unclone Version

Now, let’s talk about the unclone version. Imagine you have a magical toy that can do more than the original one.

The Instander unclone version is like that advanced toy. However, to use it, you have to bid farewell to the original Instagram app.

You’ll need to uninstall the Instagram app, and then you can install the unclone version, recognized by the package name com.insta.

In simpler words, using the unclone version means swapping your original Instagram app for Instander.

If you try to install it without removing the original, your phone will remind you with an “App Not Installed” message.

Advantages of Instander Unclone Version:

  • More features compared to the clone version.
  • Package Name: com.insta.
  • Requires uninstalling the original Instagram app.

The Difference: Clone vs. Unclone Version

Let’s break down the differences between the clone and unclone versions:

Clone Version

No need to uninstall the original Instagram App.

Package Name:

Slightly fewer features

Unclone Version

You have to uninstall the original Instagram App.

Package Name: com.insta

More features

Now that you understand the difference between the clone and unclone versions of Instander, you can make an informed decision based on your preference.

If you love multitasking and want to keep both Instagram and Instander at your fingertips, the clone version is for you.

However, if you’re ready to embrace a feature-rich Instagram experience and don’t mind parting ways with the original app, the unclone version is the way to go.

The choice is yours! Enjoy your Instagram journey with Instander, tailored to suit your needs and preferences. Happy exploring!

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