Instander apk old version download

Are you looking to use Instander old version? Maybe you prefer how it worked before or need it for a specific reason?

Well, you’re in the right place! We’ll guide you through downloading an older version of Instander in simple, easy-to-follow steps.

Why Choose Instander Old Version?

Sometimes, new updates may not work well on certain devices.

Instander old version can be a good choice if your phone is not compatible with the latest version of Instander.

Also, if you like a feature that was changed or removed, an older version could bring it back!

Instander Original (Unclone) Old Version

Instander 17.2Сurrent11/01/23
Instander 17.1Old21/12/22
Instander 17.0Old20/12/22
Instander 16.0Old16/06/22
Instander 15.4Old08/03/22
Instander 15.3Old21/01/22
Instander 15.2Old13/01/22
Instander 15.1Old07/01/22
Instander 15.0Old18/12/21

Instander 17.2 Changelog

  • Added Monet theme for Android 12+;
  • Added disabling the Monet theme;
  • Fixed Feed loading on some devices;
  • Fixed Reels download button;
  • Fixed Alte & Hoefler New fonts;
  • Raised the target SDK to 33.

Instander 17.1 Changelog

  • Added 60-sec Stories;
  • Fixed download button on the three-dot menu;
  • Fixed MobileConfig updater.

Instander 17.0 Changelog

  • Migration to Instagram version;
  • Update minimum requirements to Android 9+, ARM64-v8a;
  • Added Reels scrubber;
  • Added a badge when watching a Live;
  • Added new fonts to Stories
  • And Much More

Instander 16.0 Changelog

  • Migration to Instagram version;
  • Added Monet color scheme support for Android 12+;
  • Added Animated Splash for Android 12+;
  • Added Themed Icon for Android 13+;
  • Added In-App Lock (Beta);
  • Added 60 second stories;

Instander 15.0 Changelog

  • Rebase to Instagram;
  • Added Link sticker;
  • Added Add your sticker;
  • “Video scrubber” is forced on;
  • Remove “Video scrubber” option;
  • Temporarily not added “Mark as read” in direct

Instander 15.3 Changelog

  • Added IGTV download item;
  • Added Mark as Read;
  • Added quick turn on “Don’t mark Direct as read” (long press direct button);
  • Added turn-off auto-flipping stories;
  • Added backups of Instander settings;
  • Added Instander menu (download, preview, direct link to post);
  • Fixed avatar zoom;

Instander Clone Old Version

Instander 17.2 CloneCurrent11/01/23
Instander 17.1 CloneOld21/12/22
Instander 17.0 CloneOld20/12/22
Instander 16.0 CloneOld16/06/22
Instander 15.4 CloneOld08/03/22
Instander 15.3 CloneOld21/01/22
Instander 15.2 CloneOld13/01/22
Instander 15.1 CloneOld07/01/22
Instander 15.0 CloneOld18/12/21

How Instander Versions Work

Instander, like many apps, get updates from time to time. These updates are marked with numbers, like 2.5.1.

The first number usually means a big change, while the last one is a smaller update or a bug fix to the Instander Old Version.

Finding the Right Old Version

To download an older Instander version, you need to visit a reliable source like Websites that specialize in app archives are a good bet.

InstaAppHub is a 100% trusted and safe repository to download Instander older versions as well as the latest version.

Look for the version you want and download the APK file.

Step-by-Step Download Guide

Step 1: Go to Download Instander APK Latest Version and navigate to the changelog page.

Step 2: Look for the Instander Old Version you want.

Step 3: Click to download the Instander old version APK file.

Step 4: Install the older version of Instander on your device.

Tips for a Smooth Installation

Before installing, check if your device can run the older version.

Adjust app permissions and settings according to your preferences to ensure a smooth experience.

Watch Out for Potential Risks

Using an old version may have some risks, like security issues. Stick to trustworthy sources and always be careful.

In just a few simple steps, you can have the Instander version you want, bringing back the features you loved.

Stay safe and enjoy using Instander!